German research finds security flaws in four leading DJI drones

DJI drones security

German researchers say they’ve found security gaps in four models of DJI drones – albeit not the kind that US politicians have claimed to justify placing the company’s craft on federal blacklists.

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DJI online store runs out of Mavic 2 drones ahead of Mavic 3 launch

DJI’s US online store has gotten rid of all Mavic 2 series inventory days before the launch of the long-awaited Mavic 3 prosumer drone.

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German pilots film their drone hack of a Tesla

It’s well known short traders are atop the many, many things Tesla honcho Elon Musk hates in this world. But it’s a safe bet mischievous drone geeks now populate that list ­– especially after a pair of pilots hacked one of his luxury rides open from the air.

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