Drone flying over Tesla Giga Berlin forces passenger airplane to reroute

tesla giga berlin drone

A passenger aircraft approaching the Berlin-Brandenburg Airport (BER) last week was forced to maneuver to avoid a drone in its path, German news media is reporting. According to Brandenburg police, the drone in question was flying some 3,000 feet (1,000 meters) above the premises of Tesla Gigafactory Berlin which is located close to the airport.

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Tesla opens Texas Gigafactory with drone show at ‘CyberRodeo’ event

Thursday evening Tesla officially opened its newest Gigafactory in Texas with an event called “CyberRodeo.” To start the celebration, Tesla put on a massive drone show depicting the company’s Model Y, upcoming Cyber Truck, and a few memes.

Drone whips around Tesla’s Berlin Gigafactory in new fast-paced video

In Tesla’s latest video, a drone tours the company’s latest Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany. High-speed drone videos are nothing new, but the video the skilled pilot captured (in tandem with equally adept video editing) is impressive and gives us a look at the robots and tools the company uses to produce its electric vehicles.

Why is Elon Musk, posterchild of AI doomsday, creating AI-powered robots?

After repeatedly warning about the dangers of artificial intelligence, and sparring with fellow tech billionaires on the issue, Elon Musk wants to create AI-powered humanoid robots. Speaking at his electric vehicle company Tesla’s first AI Day event in California, Musk gave a preview of the Tesla Bot – a general purpose, bipedal, non-automotive robot. So, what gives?

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German pilots film their drone hack of a Tesla

It’s well known short traders are atop the many, many things Tesla honcho Elon Musk hates in this world. But it’s a safe bet mischievous drone geeks now populate that list ­– especially after a pair of pilots hacked one of his luxury rides open from the air.

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Drone video reveals Tesla Berlin Gigafactory construction progress in spectacular detail

Now you can see how far along Tesla’s Berlin Gigafactory has come with the extra details of incredible 4K drone footage.

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