R1 Stories December 11, 2018

Today, Skydio announces more new features for their fully autonomous R1 drone. As the company keeps improving their software, they are now adding the ability for the R1 to fly over large bodies of water. Previously you were restricted to flying over smaller ponds or streams. Not anymore. Skydio suggests that you can now use the R1 to obtain footage of yourself wakeboarding, fishing or even when you’re out on a jetski. That sounds really cool, but keep in mind this is one expensive drone to see going down in the drink. Another new feature that was added in the latest release is a Hyperlapse mode and improved Car Follow shots. Check out the video below to get an idea of the kind of footage you can now get with the SKydio R1 drone. You can get the Skydio R1 on Amazon for $1,999.

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R1 Stories September 6, 2018

Earlier this year Skydio stunned the drone industry with the introduction of the R1. The first consumer drone that flies fully autonomously. Today, Skydio announces a new drone developer program, new cinematic skills and a lower price ($1,999) for their self-flying drone. The R1 can now be programmed like any robot to perform a series of tasks.

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DJI Mavic Pro

R1 Stories May 30, 2018

Skydio released their fully autonomous flying R1 drone earlier this year and their unmanned aircraft has surprised may drone enthusiasts. The way the R1 drone is able to avoid obstacles while following you is simply unreal. I had the chance to try it out a number of times now and it truly is impressive. Today, Skydio releases their first major software update for the R1. They have added the ability for the drone to follow vehicles, which I think is a very valuable addition for when you want to show off your adventures. Of course, keep in mind that this is not meant for the public roads! Skydio also added four new cinematic modes and improved the ‘lead’ mode, landing and general user experience of the app. The company promises to keep improving their Autonomy Engine with future updates.

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R1 Stories March 20, 2018

This video was just uploaded to YouTube and it shows you how the Skydio R1 drone views the world as it is following you completely autonomously. This is called the “Voxel view” and it is the view that the R1 drone creates with help of the 12 obstacle avoidance cameras and the one main 4K camera primarily meant to track the subject.

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R1 Stories February 27, 2018

Less than two weeks ago we reported on the all-new Skydio R1 autonomous drone and we should have one to review very soon! Of course, Casey Neistat already got his hands on one. He posted a short review of the R1 drone on YouTube today.

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R1 Stories February 15, 2018

The drone industry is buzzing with talk of the amazing obstacle avoidance and tracking capability of the new Skydio R1 drone. The video that the company used to show off the drone’s skills is great but another video surfaced from the marketing manager of Skydio, Pat Stahl. Pat took the R1 with him on a snowboarding trip and I think this video does an even better job of showing how well the obstacle avoidance and tracking work on this autonomously flying drone. Just watch how the drone follows Pat when he snowboards through the trees.

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