RoboMaster Stories August 12, 2019

RoboMaster 2019 competition showcases the future of robotics. 32 teams compete on the battlefield with T-DT Northeastern University taking home the Grand Prize. RoboMaster, an annual robotics competition for aspiring young engineers and university students, concluded its 2019 competition in Bao’an Stadium in Shenzhen, China. The winning team from T-DT Northeastern University took home the gold trophy along with RMB 500,000 ($USD 70,841) as the grand prize. Close to 200 teams consisting of 10,000 young engineers from around the world signed up for the 2019 RoboMaster competition season, with 32 teams battling it out in the final tournament.

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RoboMaster Stories May 16, 2019

DJI to hold RoboMaster AI Challenge on May 20-22 in Montreal

Already in its third year, DJI is holding the RoboMaster AI Challenge on May 20th through 22nd, 2019 during the ICRA 2019 Conference in Montreal, Canada. Students from around the world will test their engineering skills in building autonomous systems that will be required to navigate their surroundings and engage in battle with other rovers. A $20,000 USD grand prize will be a strong motivator for the students and RoboMaster promises to be a spectacle again this year! See below for DJI’s official announcement.

RoboMaster Stories October 22, 2018

DJI just opened up their international robotics competition, 2019 RoboMaster Competition. Students from universities around the world are invited to enter the competition and possibly win a Grand Price of $75,000. Last year almost 200 teams participated with around 10,000 young engineers from around the world. See below for DJI’s official announcement as well as the instructions to sign up for the competition.

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