UVify Stories July 18, 2019

The UVify Draco is a slightly different take on FPV race quads. UVify is a company with deep roots in racing, and they know the frustrations that come with flying (and crashing) FPV drones. Breaking into the FPV hobby isn’t always easy. A lot of people get into the hobby with high hopes but are often let down by either faulty components or the tedious nature of repairs. On top of that, the build and setup process can be confusing and tiresome. UVify has looked to address all of these issues with their top-of-the-line Draco FPV race drone. Think of the Draco as the big brother of the OOri. expand full story

UVify Stories June 13, 2019

The UVify OOri is a unique quadcopter. It was built by a company that has its roots in FPV drone racing but was uniquely designed with a beginner pilot in mind. The OOri can be flown like a traditional FPV freestyle or race quad that tops out at 50 mph. However, it also has a beginner mode that utilizes vision positioning software to help make it incredibly stable. expand full story

UVify Stories January 8, 2019

UVify has developed a 16 rotor drone that they believe is the world’s fastest and most maneuverable X-Class or Pro-Class drone today. Not only that, but the Draco 4×4 will be used exclusively in the DR1 Racing’s U-Class series in 2019. The Draco 4×4 16 rotor beast will be unveiled and demonstrated at CES 2019. expand full story

UVify Stories January 7, 2019

Look out for a new light show drone at CES 2019, where UVify will officially launch their new swarm drone, the IFO. Intel grabs most of the headlines when it comes to drones and light shows. Ehang also made a big splash when they performed a large show over the Great Wall of China. Now UVify brings their IFO drone to the light show market with a different angle, a swarm drone that anyone can buy.

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UVify Stories December 14, 2018

UVify is one of the top manufacturers and developers when it comes to FPV racing drones. They recently have announced that they are partnering with DR1 Racing to offer a new class of drone racing for the series that will feature UVify’s Draco-4X4 quads. expand full story

UVify Stories November 7, 2018

The DJI Spark has been the best drone under $500 for quite some time now. At its new reduced price of $399, the Spark is officially the beginner drone for most people. There really haven’t been many other options for people who want a good aerial photography drone on a budget. That’s changing now, with some smaller players moving into the affordable consumer drone space. Let’s take a closer look at the best drones under $500. expand full story

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