Photojournalist uses drones to expose unbelievable devastation in war-ravaged Karabakh

karabakh by drone

Reza Deghati, an award-winning French-Iranian photojournalist, has revealed his new project: “Karabakh by Drone.” And his heartrending photos and videos lay bare the systematic destruction and vandalism that the disputed, landlocked mountainous region of Karabakh has faced as a result of the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict.

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Israeli contractor sends drones to fight urban warfare

Ask any soldier what they think about fighting in cities, and they’ll tell you they don’t care for it. Too many hiding places, too many civilians, too many dangers. But if an Israeli company succeeds with its new strategy of using drones to fight urban warfare, it may be the defenders who “don’t care for it.”

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Air Force drone pilots can suffer from ‘moral injuries’

The New York Times Magazine featured a lengthy but excellent article about the ‘wounds’ that drone pilots suffer when they engage remotely in overseas wars. For instance, behind computer screens at the Creech Air Force Base in Nevada, drone pilots fly missions with unmanned aircraft such as the MQ-9 Reaper in far away places like Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan, and Yemen. Some people have thought that these ‘joystick pilots’ would escape the gravity of war but, we are now learning that they are suffering ‘moral injuries’ from their actions similarly to soldiers when they return home from battlefields.

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