Air force Stories June 18

Is it an insect or a drone?The answer will bug you.

The US military has ordered the development of tiny microdrones, whose shape and flapping wing movements will replicate insect flight. The super-small craft will provide incredible stealth in information gathering, and surveillance missions intended to really bug enemies.

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Air force Stories June 16

There are drone catchers and then there is Tular – a patented device that can launch and recover drones from any moving vehicle autonomously. And it can do that at speeds of over 65 mph, even during windy conditions! Ready for a deeper look? Let’s go…

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Air force Stories March 24

A United States Air Force target training drone surprised beachgoers last week when it washed up on a Florida beach. The aerial target drone is a part of the US Air Force’s weapons system evaluation program and was quickly picked up by the Air Force after being alerted to it.

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Air force Stories December 23, 2020

The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) has announced VOLY Defense Solutions (VDS), a subsidiary of Volansi as its Skyborg drone program’s official vendor. The new contract is worth a massive $400 million and will produce specific parts for the program.

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Air force Stories December 15, 2020

The Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California, has worked with Easy Aerial to deploy its first autonomous security drone system. The autonomous system will allow the base to get eyes in the sky within seconds to provide better surveillance and situational awareness.

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Air force Stories November 4, 2020

Earlier this week, a photo was posted to Instagram of what appears to be the secretive Grumman RQ-180 stealth drone flying above California, according to Aviation Week. The stealth drone has never officially been photographed or documented before, but is said to be heavily used by the US Air Force.

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