Workhorse Surefly taxi drone flight canceled due to drizzle at CES 2018

Workhorse Surefly drone did not fly at CES 2018 because of drizzle

A little rain canceled the Workhorse Surefly taxi drone flight because the aircraft is not waterproof. After receiving approval from the FAA, the passenger drone was supposed to make its maiden flight on Monday, but it stayed grounded because of safety concerns. The cool Nevada air with some mild drizzle proved to be too much for the aircraft that is supposed to be the future of commuting. What a bummer.

The Surefly for sure did not fly

We were excited to see the Workhorse surefly drone make its maiden flight here during the CES 2018 event in Las Vegas. Maybe the Ohio-based Workhorse Group should have opted for an indoor test flight like the Volocopter did? But then again, how often does it rain in Las Vegas?

The two-passenger, electric-diesel hybrid taxi drone is said to have a range of 70 miles (113km) and can be flown manually or fully automatic while carrying up to 400 pounds (181kg). Its first flight would have been a highlight of the event and the press had been invited to witness it at nearby Boulder City AIrport. Inclement weather was the reason for the event to be canceled. The BBC reported that:

“The SureFly is a purpose-built experimental aircraft and the fuselage on the SureFly at CES has not been waterproofed, although it will be on future production models. To avoid potential risks associated with rain affecting the aircraft’s electrical system and the SureFly’s rotor blades, the SureFly’s first flight has been postponed.”

Workhorse said it hoped to carry out the maiden flight soon. For now, all we have is a short video clip in which the Surefly is chained to the ground while testing its rotors. What a bummer, I would have loved to see this baby fly!

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