Drones are being tested to help lifeguards save lives

Drones are being tested to help lifeguards save lives

In Belmar, New Jersey, lifeguards are conducting tests using drones to assist them in helping swimmers back to land. According to CBS 3 Philly, the town of Belmar is looking to Rutgers University for help in a partnership to figure out how these rescues will work.

Payload delivery

In tests run earlier this week, the little red drone took off from the beach out over the water with an inflatable life vest. This vest was then dropped into the water near the swimmer to buy the lifeguards more time. According to Dr. Hugh Roarty of Rutgers University:

“We found that the drone can get out to a person about one minute faster than say a lifeguard who is having to battle through a heavy surf.”

Check out the video below that aired on channel 3 to see the drone testing in action.

Easier communication

In other tests, the lifeguards hope to use drones to communicate with swimmers via a speaker attached to the aircraft. This design sounds similar to the DJI Mavic Enterprise with pictures that were leaked a few weeks ago along with the Mavic 2 series. This was not released at DJI’s See The Bigger Picture event on August 23rd, but we expect to see this at a later date to be put to use for different commercial purposes.

What do you think about these drones being used to save swimmers in need of help? Let us know in the comments below.

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Photo credit: Boston Herald

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