Indigenous rangers are taking to the skies to protect sacred land in Australia

Aussie rangers drones sacred land

Earlier this week, Indigenous rangers from around Australia came together at this year’s Indigenous Ranger Forum to learn, share, and gain new skills. Australia’s Indigenous rangers are turning to drones to protect and watch over sacred land, save time, and make the land more manageable.

Aussie rangers are taking to the skies to protect sacred land

A press release from the Northern Land Council explains the forum was mainly focused on bio-security, with Indigenous rangers set to be recognized as conservation officers due to changes in the Territory Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act 1976.

Nicholas Hunter, a ranger from Mardbalk explained using drones would allow them to save time and help with general safety. Nicholas also said that drones will be able to protect sacred sites along with ceremony grounds.

Using drones can save a lot of time and help with safety, for example if you’re fire burning you wouldn’t want to get trapped in an area where someone has been burning. You can send the drones in to check and they can take video shots or do live feeds. Also for protection of sacred site areas and ceremony grounds, drones can be useful.

The drone of choice looks to be the Parrot ANAFI, a great pick for this kind of use. The Parrot ANAFI has a 4K 21MP sensor capable of shooting at 100mbps and is able to zoom in 2.8x losslessly. The ANAFI has a 25 minute flight time and is resistant to winds up to 50km/h and a range of 4km making it perfect for the harsh Australian outback.

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