DJI Avata: A new CineWhoop drone for cinematic FPV shots?

dji avata cinewhoop fpv drone

The official announcement for Mini 3 Pro drone is barely out of the way, and the DJI leaker community has already dug up a new rumored product worthy of our attention! We’ve long suspected that DJI is working on a new, mini version of its popular FPV drone. Turns out, it might be styled like a CineWhoop, capable of flying indoors, and go by the name Avata.

Leakers OsitaLV and DealsDrone are both claiming that the next drone from DJI’s FPV series could be called Avata.

The rumored product’s first origins can be traced back to exactly a year ago when OsitaLV showed us a drone body shell only slightly bigger than the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The one thing that stood out in that fuselage was an opening at the end that resembled a cooling scoop – indicating that the forthcoming product would have components that need more processing and heat that needs to be dissipated.

Now, DealsDrone has gotten his hands on fresh renderings that reveal the rumored drone in its entirety. The images, that were shared by the leaker’s Twitter account over the weekend, show DJI Avata sporting ducts that protect the propellers in typical CineWhoop style.

CineWhoop, as you likely know, is a relatively new style of drone that was created because filmmakers needed a smaller and safer option while working indoors and in tight quarters. These drones can capture amazingly crisp HD footage that your usual quads simply cannot.

Those who fly CineWhoop FPV typically learn to build and repair their own drones, working with naked or stripped-down cameras.

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But DJI Avata, just like the DJI FPV drone, looks like a completely pre-built, user-friendly CineWhoop, ready to fly out of the box.

According to OsitaLV, the model name for DJI Avata is WM169. And, for reference, the DJI FPV is WM170.

DJI Avata FPV drone specs and features

DealsDrone has also shared some other information about the drone, indicating what DJI Avata’s specs and features could look like:

  • Avata is compact and weighs about 500g
  • Can fly indoors
  • Photo quality is much better, along the lines of Mini 3 Pro
  • Greatly improved battery life
  • Manual mode is not supported
  • Head chase mode
  • Vibration function 
  • Touchpad for glasses menu
  • Glasses can connect to phone

DJI Avata release date

The leaker further suspects that the drone could see a release sometime between July and August.

Are you looking forward to a CineWhoop FPV from DJI? Let us know in the comments below what you think about the rumored DJI Avata drone.

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