Hack your Mavic 2 Pro to Acquire Attitude Mode

attitude mode mavic 2 pro

Learn how to get the most from your Mavic 2 Pro when you hack the bird to acquire attitude flight mode for buttery smooth flight movements! Many professional drone pilots love to use attitude mode on their DJI Phantoms, Inspires and Matrice’s!  Attitude mode turns off all positioning control, yet maintains altitude when flying around. This particular flight mode has many benefits to pilots, seen and unseen. Videographers and cinematographers alike love attitude mode for the ability to fly smoothly without violent interruptions from the flight controller.

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FAA no longer allows hobby drone pilots to fly in controlled airspace

The FAA dealt a serious blow to hobby drone pilots when they released these new rules that restrict them from flying in controlled airspace over many American cities. Hobby drone pilots were allowed to fly in controlled airspace with a notification to air traffic control, or by flying at an AMA Field.

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Why a DJI Mavic cannot replace a Phantom for many drone pilots

A DJI Mavic cannot replace a Phantom for many drone pilots because it’s is lacking a number of critical features. For instance, the DJI Mavic does not offer a global shutter. It does not have landing gear that allows you to hand-catch the drone. It doesn’t offer you the ground clearance. Nor does it allow you to fly the drone in attitude mode.

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FAA enacts new enforcement action protocols against drone pilots

Drone pilots may be facing more scrutiny and enforcement actions, as the FAA has released new enforcement action protocols for investigations, including new surveillance rules.

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Does the Phantom 4 RTK replace Ground Control Points for Drone Mapping?

As DJI and drone mapping further disrupt the civil engineering, surveying and GIS fields, there seems to be a common debate amongst most drone mappers about the practical application of the Phantom 4 RTK replacing ground control points (GCP’s) and checkpoints.  With the evolution of the Phantom 4 RTK is there still a need for ground control points or checkpoints? Many argue there is no need for GCP’s and others argue that drone mappers always need a control. These questions have come up numerous times and even caused outright yelling matches at some recent conferences.

The question is, will the Phantom 4 Pro RTK replace GCP’s and checkpoints and the necessity for traditional survey equipment?

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