AirHub launches SORA risk assessment tool for drone pilots

AirHub SORA risk Tool drone

Software company AirHub has launched the first online Specific Operations Risk Analysis (SORA) tool for drone pilots during Amsterdam Drone Week. The new digital tool allows drone pilots to easily make their way through performing a risk assessment for operations.

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AirHub’s new app makes managing drone fleets easy

AirHub has released an update to its drone management app aimed at professional drone pilots managing their drone fleets with ease. The new update to the app allows pilots to register incidents, record maintenance activities and show different map layers.

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AirHub and create an autonomous drone-in-a-box

AirHub and have partnered up to create a drone-in-a-box that can autonomously launch, land, and be controlled from a remote location. The solution means a skilled drone pilot is no longer required with all pre-flight checks being automated.

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