Bell Nexus: The passenger drone / Air Taxi of the future

bell nexus passenger drone

The Bell Nexus was arguably the exhibit to see at this year’s AUVSI XPonential 2019 in Chicago. It is an impressively large passenger drone / Air Taxi capable of carrying five passengers. The Nexus looks like something right out of a SciFi film. Bell built this behemoth to be able to be flown either autonomously or by an onboard pilot. While the model on display at the McCormick Center was not capable of flight it was still quite the attraction. Bell believes that their Nexus will be a way to solve the current problems that plague transportation. Bell looks to be a leader in the growing future market of air taxis .

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Bell Helicopter and Uber show taxi drone at CES 2018

Uber and Bell Helicopter are showing off a four-passenger taxi drone simulator at CES this year. The drone is meant to fly people from A to B on fixed routes, for instance from a train station or parking garage to an airport. The drone can be flown manually by a pilot or it can fly itself. Neither Uber or Bell offered any details on the propulsion system, unfortunately. We do know however that it has VTOL capability, i.e. vertical take-off and landing.

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Bell Helicopter shows off a delivery drone

Bell Helicopter showcases a delivery drone that one day may well bring you your Amazon orders. The Fort Worth-based aviation company is aggressively moving into the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) space and introduced this week the all-electric APT, short for Automatic Pod Transport. A drone that could be used for military purposes or retailers like Amazon.

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