Amazon Stories September 24

DJI upgrades their official Amazon store. Not only does it look better now, but it also creates a distinction between other parties selling DJI products and the official DJI store. Making it clear who you are buying your drone or drone accessories from. They even included a ‘Deal‘ page where you can find discounted, often refurbished, products from the world largest drone maker.

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Amazon Stories July 17

There is still time to pick up a discounted drone from DJI directly or through Amazon

Phew, you thought you might have missed one of the best buying opportunities of the year to pick up a drone? Well, you’re not too late. There is still time today to pick up a discounted drone directly from DJI’s online store or through Amazon. Check out the offerings below.

Amazon Stories July 10

Lower prices on DJI’s drones will help enthusiasts into the air according to the Chinese drone maker. The world’s largest drone manufacturer will offer discounts up to $300 for drones like the Spark and Mavic Pro as part of the Amazon Prime day promotion, that will start on July 16 at 12 pm EDT and will run for 36 hours. People looking to pick up one of these discounted drones will be able to do so at the official DJI store on Amazon and the regular DJI online store for Canadian and US customers.

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Amazon Stories July 2

Amazon’s vision of delivering packages to customers via drones is still in progress a new patent was filed by the e-commerce giant based out of Seattle. The biggest challenge they face is safety. With drones flying throughout the sky, autonomously, they need to prove that they are a safe means of delivering items to get the approval from the government and Federal Aviation Association (FAA).

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Amazon Stories May 24

Two weeks the U.S. Department of Transportation announced the 10 successful UAS Integration Pilot Program applications. To everybody’s surprise, Amazon and the State of New York, which according to Governor Cuomo is building “the most advanced drone testing in the country,” were not among the lucky few. News that Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi (D-Utica) said was “boggling.

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Amazon Stories May 10

Yesterday the U.S. Department of Transportation announced the 10 pilot programmes that have been approved under President Trump’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Pilot Program (UAS IPP) in an effort to bring the country up to speed when it comes to drone experimentation. Yesterday we published the list of awardees and today we are reporting on the companies that made the list such as Airbus, Alphabet (Google), Apple, AT&T, Microsoft, FedEx, Uber, and others. As well as the ones that did not make the list, most notably Amazon and DJI.

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