Amazon Stories April 2

Back in December 2013, Jeff Bezos famously announced on ’60 Minutes’ that deliveries by drone would be routine by 2018. And, even though that scenario hasn’t quite panned out a lot of progress has been made in the drone industry, including deliveries by drone. Just see what there are doing in North Carolina if you want any proof. Amazon, however, has been one of the most active companies to file for drone-related patents. One of which includes an “airborne fulfillment center” (AFC) such as an airship or blimp that would float around and from which drones would complete the last mile delivery. Well, a computer-generated video was circulated online that shows just what such a drone future according to Amazon might look like. It includes a massive Amazon blimp. Check this out.

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Amazon Stories March 20

NYT: Skies aren’t clogged with drones, yet

Here’s a great piece in the Tech section of the NY Times [paywall], titled: “Skies aren’t clogged with drones, but don’t rule them out yet.” The article talks about deliveries by drone and the regulatory hurdles that still need to be overcome before we will see routine deliveries by drones. It talks specifically about Project Wing and the Hummingbird delivery drone from Google’s parent company Alphabet and also about Amazon’s Prime Air. See below for some of the highlights.

Amazon Stories February 8

As you probably know, Amazon already has a fairly large number of drone delivery patents. However, earlier this month the e-commerce giant received their latest patent. This one is designed to guide drones to their destinations and to verify that the delivery by drone has been made at the correct address. Amazon filed for the patent back in 2016 and was awarded the patent “Drone Marker and Landing Zone Verification” on February 5th, 2019.

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DJI Mavic Pro

Amazon Stories January 3

Project Safir aims to set rules commercial drone operations in Europe

Like the U.S., Europe is moving to set the ground rules for commercial drone operations. Before drones can fly to make deliveries in crowded urban areas without crashing into each other, a standardized set of regulations is needed. Project Safir aims to help develop a set of ground rules for safe commercial drone operations in Europe.

Amazon Stories December 3, 2018

Amazon’s customers are still waiting on retail giant to deliver by drone

The Denver Post had an interesting article yesterday. The newspaper wondered: “Where are the drones? Amazon’s customers are still waiting.” Five years ago, the CEO of the retail giant, Jeff Bezos predicted that drones would be delivering packages to customers’ doorsteps by now. As we all know that hasn’t quite happened yet. Even though delivery by drone is being tested extensively around the world, practical limitations, such as limited battery life, legal restrictions, like not being allowed to fly-beyond-line-of-sight without a waiver, as well as other hurdles, such as the need for Remote ID, large-scale implementation seems to be years away. In a recent NY Times article, I was quoted as saying it will be 2025 before “companies like Amazon will make routine drone deliveries to consumers.” What do you think? Let us know in the poll below.

Amazon Stories November 12, 2018

Amazon has published an online gift guide for the holiday season and for the first time has also sent a paper toy catalog in the mail. We will take a look at the drones that made the list and some of the drones that didn’t. We also have the inside scoop on how products make it on the list. It turns out that it’s not actually top-reviewed products or editors picks that are selected for the Amazon gift guide. Surprise! There’s money involved.

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