Amazon Stories July 12

Amazon’s Prime Air program hopes to deliver packages to its many customers fast — but just don’t expect it anytime soon. Business Insider reports internal conflict, high turnover, and launch delays have put the drone delivery program in upheaval.

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Amazon Stories April 15

If you’ve wondered where Amazon finds room for all its drones and drone supplies (more than 60,000 in its latest search results), wonder no more. A new distribution center under construction near Syracuse, New York, has room for drones, and probably other stuff as well. Take a look at this drone video of the massive Amazon warehouse

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Amazon Stories November 20, 2020

Amazon has let go of some of its research and development and manufacturing employees for its drone delivery service in favor of outsourcing. The company has already signed two deals with companies to manufacture some of the parts used in the custom delivery drones.

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Amazon Stories October 14, 2020

Autel Robotics is giving customers up to $106 off its Autel EVO 2 8k and EVO 2 Pro 6k drones as a part of Amazon Prime Day. It’s not the most amazing discount, but is a welcome price reduction for anyone looking to get an EVO 2 drone.

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Amazon Stories September 29, 2020

Last week Amazon’s Ring announced its Ring Always Home Cam drone security camera with a varying degree of pushback from the public. Should you be concerned about letting in the flying security camera in your house or is it just an overaction?

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Amazon Stories September 24, 2020

“Always Home Cam” isn’t Amazon’s delivery drone but will deliver piece of mind… in 2021

Today at its new product event, Amazon debuted a new $249 drone that’s job is to patrol your home when you aren’t there. Will people invite Bezos Inc drones into their homes?

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