Drones to monitor sulfur emissions from ships over the Baltic Sea

drones emission monitor

The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) has kicked off a large-scale emissions monitoring campaign in the Baltic Sea this week. As part of the project, drones are being deployed through Germany to remotely measure the sulfur content in ships’ exhaust plumes and detect violations of the applicable limits.

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UK groups use drones to battle Bristol’s cigarette butt plague

A pair of environmental non-governmental organizations in England are using drones – and a dose of humor – to measure the volume of cigarette butts littering the city of Bristol, and convince smokers to stop illegally flicking the polluting nubs in public spaces.

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Drone captures toxic ‘bubble bath’ in sacred river in India

India has many sacred rivers, but that doesn’t mean they always get respect. The Yamuna River is so polluted this week that devotees had to wade into a kind of noxious bubble bath to celebrate the festival of Chhatt Pooja. Watch this drone video that shows the Yamuna’s toxic foam.

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