Underwater drone Stories Today

The Asian arowana is the world’s costliest aquarium fish, rumored to sell for as much as $300,000. But a cheaper alternative is now available – and it comes in the form of an underwater drone!

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Underwater drone Stories July 21

Air-water-air technology gets major drone boost

Chinese researchers are certainly on a roll in their development of breakthrough drone technology. Following a flurry of earlier innovations, experts in China have now unveiled a new drone that can reportedly attain similar underwater and aerial performance levels.

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Underwater drone Stories June 14

A chilling discovery made by an underwater drone may have just solved a 56-year-old aviation mystery. A new sonar mapping technology drone has stumbled upon an airplane deep in the waters of California’s Folsom Lake. The near-intact wreckage matches the description of the four-seater airplane that crashed in the area in 1965.

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Underwater drone Stories April 22

Inspecting underwater infrastructure for damage or just conducting routine maintenance of ships and submarines has never been easy. But that changes now.

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Underwater drone Stories September 4, 2020

California startup, Seatrec, has created an underwater drone that charges itself using the temperature difference in the ocean. This works by leveraging the difference between warm ocean surface water and cooler water at depth.

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Underwater drone Stories March 20, 2020

Ocean Aero, based in San Diego, will deliver underwater drones that can stay at sea for months and operate both on the surface as well as underwater, for a Homeland Security program. The company has been awarded a multi-year, $4 million dollar contract by the US Department of Homeland Security.

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