Automated drones being taught to locate fallen meteorites

Scientists estimate some 500 meteorites plummet to Earth every year, yet less than 2% of those bodies from space are ever located – usually the larger chunks. Now researchers are seeking to up that count with drones using with artificial intelligence (AI) to distinguish meteorite fragments from regular rocks.

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A rocket launcher that doubles up as a cargo delivery drone?

Aevum Ravn X, the world’s largest drone by mass, was built to deliver satellites to space. But now, air cargo services and personal drone deliveries are being added to the list. Is this what hitting peak innovation looks like? Where does unmanned logistics infrastructure even go from here?

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Cloudless: UAV startup’s drone swoops through the stratosphere nearly 25,000 meters above Earth

Appropriately named Polish startup Cloudless has successfully completed another experimental flight of its solar-powered Ultra Long Endurance Platform (ULEP-1) drone – this time at a dizzying altitude of 24,784 meters/81,312 feet above Earth. 

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) aced a barrage of flight and performance tests during its 2.5 hours in the heavens. And once it completed those challenges, the craft touched down almost precisely on its designated landing spot.

That feat will catch the interest of players in the booming pseudo-satellite sector searching for economic yet efficient means of servicing their lower-altitude orbiters.

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