Spy Drone Stories March 7

It’s not the kind of mistake that could get James Bond killed. Still, an inadvertent and embarrasing disclosure in an academic paper revealed secret MI5 involvement in drone research.

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Spy Drone Stories April 10, 2020

Talk about an explosive idea. The US Army Research Lab (ARL) has married drones with grenade launchers. The result is a surveillance system that can operate at up to 2000 feet altitude and 1.25 miles away. expand full story

Spy Drone Stories August 2, 2019

Worried about drones spying on you? Check out these mass surveillance balloons!

Over the last few years, many government officials have worried about drones being used to spy on the US and sending sensitive data back to China. Well, maybe it is not so much the drones we need to worry about, but balloons. Check out this story about the Pentagon testing mass surveillance balloons across the US.

Spy Drone Stories March 7, 2018

The Pakistani army claims to have shot down a spy drone from India. The unmanned aerial vehicle was shot down in the village of Chirikot in the Kashmir region along the contested border, also known as the ‘Line of Control’. The Pakistani army has retrieved the wreckage. India has not yet issued an official statement.

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