Data Security Stories March 12

An executive order is being prepared by the Trump administration that would effectively ban all federal departments and agencies from buying or using foreign-made drones. They claim the drones pose a risk to national security, according to TechCrunch. expand full story

Data Security Stories February 14

DJI’s Brendan Schulman, vice president of policy and legal affairs, talks about drones, fighting the coronavirus with agricultural drones, the FAA’s NPRM on Remote ID, and data security with Julia Chatterley on CNN.

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Data Security Stories January 29

Today the U.S. Department of Interior issued an order that basically grounds their entire Chinese-made drone fleet except for in a few special situations such as fire fighting and search and rescue missions. Understandably, DJI is not at all pleased with this order and responds to the U.S. Department of Interior drone order issued the following statement.

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After temporarily grounding its fleet of drones last year, the U.S. Interior Department grounded its drone fleet after issuing an order today to formally adopt a no-fly rule aimed at drones made in China or with Chinese parts. Exceptions will be made for those situations in which drones are needed to respond to natural disasters or other emergencies.

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Data Security Stories October 31, 2019

On Wednesday, the same day that DJI launched the DJI Mavic Mini, the US Department of the Interior announced that all DJI drones and other Chinese-made unmanned aircraft or UAVs that contain Chinese-made parts in its fleet are to be grounded as part of a review of the department’s drone program. This is the latest threat to DJI’s drone business in the United States.

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Data Security Stories August 2, 2019

Worried about drones spying on you? Check out these mass surveillance balloons!

Over the last few years, many government officials have worried about drones being used to spy on the US and sending sensitive data back to China. Well, maybe it is not so much the drones we need to worry about, but balloons. Check out this story about the Pentagon testing mass surveillance balloons across the US.

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