UK ponders drone monitoring of coastal nuclear plant cooling intake systems

drone nuclear plant

Authorities in the UK are examining a request to take a test UAV project live. It would involve extending experimental drone use monitoring coastal nuclear power plants for marine life that risks getting sucked into their cooling tubes to a real, increasingly troubling example of that in Scotland.

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Malaysia joins club of nations using drones to fight COVID-19 spread

Malaysia has announced it has begun deploying drones to detect signs of COVID-19 infection among its population – the most recent nation to use the craft in the global anti-pandemic effort.

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Union Pacific spies with drones on their railroad workers to see if they follow safety guidelines

Union Pacific Corp. has started using drones to monitor their workers and see if safety guidelines were being adhered to. The response from the railroad workers has been to flood the Union Pacific safety hotline complaining that the drones, in fact, make their work more dangerous.

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