DJI M300 drone observes rare Tibetan antelopes in nighttime study

DJI M300 Tibetan antelopes

DJI has used an M300 RTK drone equipped with Zenmuse H20N to provide researchers in China accurate night vision capabilities that enabled the recent observation and tracking of rare, migrating Tibetan antelopes toward their reproduction area.

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DJI launches new Zenmuse L1 and P1 enterprise payloads

At the INTERGEO Digital event today, DJI has launched two new two payloads aimed at aerial surveying, the Zenmuse L1 and Zenmuse P1. The two new payload options expand DJI’s reach into the commercial surveying, mapping, and real-world models industry.

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New drawings of the DJI Inspire 3 and Zenmuse X6, X7s, X8 (FF) surface online

This morning we woke up to new drawings of the rumored DJI Inspire 3, as well as an expansion of the Zenmuse cameras with the X6, X7s, and X8. The Inspire 3 is expected to be introduced towards the end of this year and we assume that the cameras will be part of that same announcement. The DJI Inspire drone and cameras are aimed at the professional drone market with prices for the Inspire 2 starting out at $2,999, but that can easily reach $10,000 once you add a high-quality camera and lenses. The DJI Inspire Cinema Premium Combo package tops out at an eye-watering $20,179. We expect pricing to be in the same range (maybe even higher) for the upcoming Inspire 3.

Updated at 12.30pm with additional specs

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Spoiler alert: DJI Zenmuse X7 is obscene cinematic 6K camera [specs and images]

Are you excited for tonight’s DJI event? We’ll have live coverage here so come back at 5PM PT/8PM ET.

But…Spoiler alert: we have what we think are some images and specs of what is to be revealed. We saw a sneak peak earlier this week but this is the real deal. Only click below if you don’t mind knowing a lot about the sick new DJI Zenmuse X7 cinematic 6K camera…

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Leaked video hints at DJI Zenmuse X7 Camera

A few days ago we took a good look at the latest teaser video from DJI and tried to distill what kind of product DJI is about to launch on 10/11/2017. It was obvious that it had to do with a high-quality, low-light lens. The question that remained open was whether it would be just a lens/camera or whether it would include a handheld gimbal or even a completely new kind of drone a la the GoPro Karma, where the handheld gimbal is integrated into the design. Well, it seems that the answer has been leaked in a video on the website

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