BRINC launches the enhanced LEMUR 2 drone, tailored to public safety operators [Updated with video]


Specialized drone and tactical products maker BRINC is expanding its line of tech designed for emergency responders, public safety services, police, firefighting, and disaster units with today’s release of the LEMUR 2 UAV, whose range of cutting-edge capabilities has been conceived to reduce the danger posed to the lives of people working to save others.

The LEMUR 2 follows the logic behind BRINC’s first-generation LEMUR drone in endeavoring to place as many high-tech tools as possible at the service of public safety officials responding to emergencies or conflict scenarios deemed too dangerous to send individuals into. Its new UAV fulfills that again by giving users a powerful aerial asset that provides data and visual perspectives from rapidly evolving crises, permits remote assessment of threat profiles, and facilitates efforts to de-escalate actions by active or potential perpetrators.

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In introducing its initial LEMUR craft, BRINC demonstrated its focus on delivering drones tailored to police and public safety users by loading the UAV with groundbreaking two-way communication capabilities, the ability to shatter glass barriers, optimized systems for indoor flight, and other innovative tactical features. 

With the LEMUR 2, it takes that quest even further by adding new hardware and capabilities managed by the power of intelligent software to the mix.

While in operation, BRINC’S LEMUR 2 looks like multi-eyed bird ready to beam a variety of front-facing assets as the drone advances. That array of tech includes a LiDAR sensor, tracking camera, two IR spotlights, a white light spotlight, a 4K camera, FLIR thermal imager, and microphone-loudspeaker tandem. That ensemble enables visual, nighttime, and thermal imaging, as well as two-way communication between the operator and anyone in the craft’s proximity. 

Sensor, anyone?

BRINC has also equipped its LEMUR 2 with what it calls a first-ever combination of 10 sensors supporting the drone’s autonomy systems and new features. Topping that list is BRINC’s proprietary Autonomy Engine, which permits the LEMUR 2’s onboard LiDAR sensor to generate a 3D map of its surroundings in real time, which in turn facilitates several critical functionalities.

Among those are a 360-degree standby hover mode that relies neither on light nor GPS support, and an obstacle awareness system that dynamically adjusts speed around objects, yet still leaves LEMUR 2 operators with complete control for tactical maneuvers. BRINC’s autonomy engine also allows the drone to keep law enforcement and emergency service personnel informed by communicating easy to interpret 2D floor plans to users in real time.

The launch of LEMUR 2 is the most recent step in the mission BRINC established upon its founding in 2018 in the wake of the Las Vegas Strip mass shootings the year before that killed or injured over 500 people. Since then, youthful CEO Blake Resnick has sought to develop and manufacture drones and other products specifically designed to assist the work of policeemergency responders, and other public safety workers – and reduce the danger they face in reacting to crises.

“Today marks the next step on BRINC’s journey to advance drone technology in the service of public safety,” said Resnick. “Our mission at BRINC is to revolutionize public safety by leveraging technology to de-escalate dangerous situations. Each drone deployed to a dangerous situation is one less individual in harm’s way, and a potential life saved. The LEMUR 2 is the next era of first response technology that will undoubtedly make law enforcement and emergency services in our country more efficient and safer for all involved.”

The LEMUR 2 with glass shattering device

Video and data from LEMUR 2 drones are transmitted locally to a custom BRINC controller, and encrypted using AES-256 protocols. The craft is also mesh network compatible, allowing for multiple drones to extend the range of other team craft while operating in large buildings or underground. Using an integrated 4G LTE-powered connection, LEMUR 2 drones can securely stream a live camera view and 2D floor plans to remote stakeholders through the new BRINC LiveOps web platform.

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BRINC notes the LEMUR 2 is National Defense Authorization Act compliant, and approved by the US government for use by federal agencies and contractors. Its drones and other specialized products are manufactured in the US with mostly locally produced components, and – as Resnick notes – conceived using the direct input from public safety employees.

“Throughout our journey, we have worked with past and present law enforcement and emergency services professionals to understand their unique challenges and enhance their ability to do difficult jobs safely with best-in-class technology,” Resnick said. “We look forward to building upon our success and continually pushing the boundaries of what BRINC can offer to benefit public safety.”

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