BRINC launches Global Rescue Network for emergency response use

BRINC Global Rescue Network

Specialized security and tactical drone manufacturer BRINC has launched its Global Rescue Network, which will assist and support humanitarian efforts and disaster response wherever they arise around the world.

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BRINC delivers specialized Lemur drones to Ukraine rescuers

According to company lore, CEO Blake Resnick developed BRINC’s Lemur drone to assist law enforcement and security services in responding to the kinds of horror he witnessed during the 2017 Mandalay Bay shootings in his Las Vegas hometown – a helping hand the precocious tech boss is now extending to Ukraine rescue workers grappling with the nightmare inflicted by invading Russian troops. 

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This 21-year-old drone tech CEO just raised $25 million in funding

A tragic moment led to the invention of BRINC Drones: the 2017 mass shooting at The Mandalay Bay resort in the company’s hometown of Las Vegas. As first responders risked their lives to engage in a physical search of the hotel tower, a 17-year-old boy wondered why a drone – that could fly and communicate inside the building – wasn’t being used to serve as the crew’s eyes and ears. Now 21, Blake Resnick has just raised $25 million in Series A funding to accelerate his mission to keep people safe in dangerous situations.

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