AIRT, APSA adopt and advocate standard methods for public safety drone testing

public safety drones

Two influential US aerial public safety organizations are teaming up to adopt and promote standardized methods in their drone testing programs – their effort to enhance safety and improve development of remote of UAV use in emergencies by police, fire fighters, emergency medical technicians, and other first responders.

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AIRT/DroneResponders geo-referencing emergency UAS for use in crisis response

The Airborne International Response Team (AIRT) and its DroneResponders unit announced their joint development of a worldwide geo-referencing database of groups and pilots using drones in emergency response.

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Fast-growing DroneResponders gets a branding makeover

DroneResponders, a leading US nonprofit advocating unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in response to emergency situations, has undergone rebranding as a reflection of its rapidly expanding activity and influence.

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