Dumb streetlights are being turned into smart, sustainable drone charging docks

drones smart city poles

A pair of partnering companies is working to allow drones to recharge their batteries while docked atop specially equipped streetlights. Who needs droneports, anyway?

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Wireless, in-flight charging allows drones to stay in the air for an infinite amount of time

GET (Global Energy Transmission), a US C-corporation with an engineering center in Russia has developed an inductive charging system that powers up drone batteries mid-flight, allowing them to stay in the air for an indefinite amount of time. Although this appears to be in the early stages of development, it works really well delivering 25 minutes of flight in 6 minutes.

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DJI introduces new DJI Battery Station for professional filmmakers

This morning DJI surprised us with the launch of the all-new DJI Battery Station. This latest battery-charging product from Chinese drone manufacturer DJI is aimed at industry professionals or filmmaking crews who need to be able to keep shooting throughout the day.

The new DJI Battery Station is an all-in-one battery charging solution for the Intelligent Battery TB50, which is compatible with the Ronin 2, Inspire 2 and M200 series. The Battery Station can store up to 12 TB50 Intelligent Batteries but it can only charge 8 batteries at a time. Different charging points allow users to charge other electronic devices such as certain remote controllers, WB37 Intelligent Batteries and mobile devices using the USB charge point.

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