After Amazon’s UK cutbacks, DHL abandons Parcelcopter delivery drone project

DHL delivery drone parcelcopter

DHL, the first parcel service provider in the world to directly integrate a drone logistically into its delivery chain, has reportedly discontinued the Parcelcopter project. The last prototype that the company developed for consumer drone deliveries was in 2018. And now, DHL has confirmed to news reporters in Germany that it no longer intends to continue testing Parcelcopter or manufacture its own drones.

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DHL Express partners with Aerodyne on drone delivery service

DHL Express Malaysia has announced its partnership with the Aerodyne Group to explore the possibilities of commercial delivery drones. As part of the partnership, the two companies will focus on smart logistic solutions for Malaysia’s life sciences and maritime industries.

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Deliver Future: DHL Parcelcopter flies 37 miles autonomously to a remote island in Lake Victoria

They have been at it for a few years now but earlier this month, DHL, GIZ on behalf of BMZ and Wingcopter, flew the DHL Parcelcopter 4.0 over 37 miles in about 40 minutes to a remote island in Lake Victoria as part of the project ‘Deliver Future’. The tilt-rotor drone can perform vertical take-offs and landings. However, once in the air it can transition to a more energy-efficient fixed-wing done that flies a lot faster.

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