Africa Stories March 15

Inspire Africa launched its virtual drone racing league last month to promote STEAM among school kids. The league aims to get kids thinking about STEAM disciplines while learning to code and fly drones, with the chance to pursue a career in drones.

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Africa Stories October 15, 2020

An Israeli startup hopes to one day be flying missions in Africa, delivering on-demand medical supplies to remote areas. And it has a unique drone to carry out that work.

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Africa Stories April 16, 2020

Earlier in the year the African nation of Mauritania tested drones to fight locust infestations. Now Kenya is going ahead with drones in the battle against swarms of crop-destroying pests.

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Africa Stories January 17, 2020

Mauritania will soon be testing drones to fight back against the swarms of desert locusts damaging farmers’ crops and livelihoods. The test is thanks to the United Nations, which is hoping to minimize the damages caused by the desert locusts.

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Africa Stories November 5, 2019

DJI Argas drone fights malaria in Zanzibar

On the island of Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania, tests are underway to fight malaria with the DJI Argas drone for the first time. The unmanned aircraft are used to spray silicone-based liquid on rice paddies to prevent the malaria-carrying mosquitos from laying their eggs.

Africa Stories September 11, 2019

Anthropology professor uses drones to fight malaria in Africa

Oakland University Professor Jon Carroll went to Africa last summer to explore how drones can help in the fight against Malaria. He is using unmanned aircraft and software used for precision agriculture to support public health, environmental protection, food security, and other efforts.

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