GE Stories July 8

General Electric (GE) is entering into the commercial drone market space through a partnership with Microdrones, an aerial mapping technology company with German roots. And in addition to inheriting the existing Microdrones technology portfolio, GE is also announcing the launch of a new long-range LiDAR drone, mdLiDAR1000LR.

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GE Stories March 13, 2018

One of the best examples of drone deliveries must be Zipline’s blood and medical supply delivery system in Rwanda. The San Francisco-based company has successfully used drones to fly “more than 187,500 miles, delivering 7,000 units of blood over 7,500 flights” since they launched their service in Africa. Could medical cargo benefitting from using a drone to deliver supplies open up the skies for more routine drone deliveries?

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GE Stories March 12, 2018

During last week’s FAA Symposium in Baltimore, Amazon, Boeing, GE, and Google announced that they are ready to start working on the development of a private Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) system for drones. Testing in conjunction with NASA is supposed to start in the next three months. The system will enable swarms of drones to fly a couple of hundred feet above the ground using cellular and web applications to avoid collisions and allow for remote tracking.

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