Boeing Stories June 8

A Boeing-owned aerial refueling drone has made aviation history by successfully topping off a US Navy fighter jet in the skies over the Midwest. This first-ever aerial refueling mission between a manned receiver aircraft and an unmanned tanker took place on June 4.

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Boeing Stories October 6, 2020

Queensland, Australia, is set to be the home of the Boeing’s Loyal Wingman manufacturing plant, making it the first Australian-built drone in over 50 years. The state’s Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced the partnership earlier this week.

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Boeing Stories September 17, 2020

Boeing’s Loyal Wingman drone has reached another achievement, successfully powering its turbofan engine up for the first time. The achievement means the autonomous combat drone is one step closer to being deployed.

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Boeing Stories May 5, 2020

Is this the first step to Skynet? Boeing this week has unveiled an autonomous fighter jet for the Australian air force that can fly in formation with manned planes to play a role the company calls “Loyal Wingman.” expand full story

Boeing Stories April 13, 2020

Boeing Australia has hit a major milestone with its Loyal Wingman drone, completing its first fuselage for its Advanced Development Program in partnership with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). The drone is one of three prototypes being produced as a part of the program.

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Boeing Stories March 31, 2020

Ex-Boeing executive David Carbon will spearhead the Amazon Prime Air delivery by drone service. In 2013, Jeff Bezos famously announced that deliveries by drone would be a common sight in a matter of four to five years, and that hasn’t exactly panned out yet. But the online retailer is still focused on making parcel deliveries by drone a reality.

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