DroneDeploy raises $25 million to improve their software

DroneDeploy raises $25 milion to improve their software

Perhaps one of the most often used commercial purposes of a drone is surveying. The low cost and ease of use make it a viable option for any company; not to mention they yield impressive results with high-quality images. DroneDeploy is at the forefront of this industry and they just raised $25 million to better their software.

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1cm accuracy benchmark for photogrammetry with WingtraOne PKK drone

This week, Swiss drone manufacturer Wingtra introduced the WingtraOne PPK (Post-Processed Kinematics) VTOL drone. In a partnership with PPK provider Septentrio and photogrammetry software provider Pix4D, the WingtraOne can deliver orthomosaics mapping and 3D models up to an accuracy of 1cm (0.4 inches).

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