Submarine drone video captures fish nuzzling sharks

submarine drone video sharks

Researchers say submarine drone videos have provided evidence of what they believe are fish using the skin of passing sharks as back-scratchers for exfoliating dead scales and parasites. Just as oddly, the different incarnations of sharks filmed seemed just fine in assuming the role of piscine loofa foam.

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Queensland using drones to protect swimmers and sharks alike

The Australian state of Queensland has said it’s again turning to drones to ensure the safety of its beaches. But in addition to its use of craft to identify and rescue swimmers in danger of drowning, Queensland is also deploying them to protect sharks that may happen to be passing through.

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Jaws: Drone pilot films (lots of) human-shark encounters

Yesterday our featured drone film thrilled (and chilled) us with frozen scenes right from The Revenant. Today, airborne shutterbug Carlos Gauna gives us the willies with real-life outtakes from Jaws

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