NYPD is taking no chances with drones at the US Open

us open drones

As the US Open, a Grand Slam event, begins Monday in New York City with 100% spectator capacity, it marks a return to normalcy for the global tennis community. And so the New York City Police Department (NYPD) is taking zero chances with anyone who may be interested in getting a “unique view” of the tournament. This means no drones.

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Love is in the air! Drone dating amidst coronavirus lockdown

Here’s a new way to use drones during the coronavirus lockdown. Instead of yelling at people why not ask a girl for a date using your drone? Yes, drone dating during the coronavirus lockdown with a DJI Mavic drone.

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NYC officials push for inspections by drone after fatal falling debris accident

Only days after Erica Tishman, a well-known architect, was killed by pieces of building facade that fell in midtown Manhattan, some New York City officials are now pushing for inspections by drone to prevent such accidents from happening in the future. Currently, an outdated law prohibits the use of drones in New York City.

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Drone ‘technology’s hand is being tied behind its back’ by outdated NYC law

Last year we reported on how an outdated law prohibits drone flying in New York City. Today, the Wall Street Journal writes about how drone “technology’s hand is being tied behind its back” by this decade-old law. While other cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago are embracing drone technology, New York City is falling further behind. For instance, the use of drones could save tremendous amounts of time during the five-year inspections of building facades that are currently done manually. Not having to set up scaffolding around New York high-rises also eliminates the risks involved when people have to ascend these structures to perform the mandatory inspections. Drones from companies such as Automodaility and PrecisionHawk could do that work faster, safer, and more cheaply. The article also points out the safety concerns that industry insiders have for New York’s residents and the general public. See below for some quotes and highlights from this Wall Street Journal article [paywall].

Illegally-flown drone hits NYPD officer on head during rabbi’s funeral

In fact, two NYPD officers working crowd control during a well-known rabbi’s funeral were injured today. One NYPD officer was hit on the head by an illegally-flown drone, while the other was injured when the hearse ran over his leg in Brooklyn, NY.

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New York Police Department (NYPD) wants authority to take down drones

The New York Police Department wants the authority to take down drones if they are deemed to be a threat. Officials from the NYPD are concerned about weaponized drones such as the ones we have seen used in the Middle East to drop explosives. Federal law-enforcement officials are authorized to disable or shoot down a drone since 2018, however, local law enforcement agencies are not. The NYPD now seeks to change this, but it would take additional federal legislation to do so.

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