UK cyber operation has disabled ISIS drones and servers

UK cyber ISIS drones

According to military personal, a UK cyber operation aimed at disabling ISIS drones, soldiers’ phones, and servers has been a success. The news came just two months after Boris Johnson announced the Cyber Force operated by the military and spy agencies.

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Joey L talks about flying a DJI Inspire drone through the ‘ISIS Winter’ [video]

Photographer and director, Joey L recently was invited to talk about his portrait and drone photography in the Syrian conflict zone at Hardwired NYC. In the 21-minute presentation (see video below), he explains the crucial role cheap consumer drones have played in his ability to capture the warzone from the Kurdish perspective. He also talks about what it was like to fly a DJI Inspire drone through, what the locals called, the ‘ISIS Winter’ in Al-Qayyara, Iraq.

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Wonder why governments are so nervous about drones?

You only have to see a few videos like these to understand why governments are getting so nervous about drones.

Various government agencies globally, such as the FAA, Canada Transport, and the English Department for Transport (DFT) are all springing into action after a Black Hawk helicopter hit a drone over Staten Island, another drone hit a passenger airplane over Quebec City Airport and there was a near miss with a drone at Gatwick Airport.

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Drone video shows utter and complete destruction of Raqqa in Northern Syria

Chilling drone footage from the Associated Press shows the utter and total devastation of the city of Raqqa in Northern Syria. Most of the damage was caused during the final weeks of fighting between the Kurdish-led forces and ISIS. On Thursday, October 20th the Kurdish-led forces announced that with the support of the U.S.-led coalition had driven out the Islamic State militants after weeks of fighting.

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