E-solar-thermal drone flies marathon test mission

drone UAV

Ever dream of piloting a drone that can stay aloft longer than the usual 30- to 35-minute battery charge? Meet the K1000ULE, an electric-, solar-, and thermal-powered UAV that flew for 26 straight hours this summer.

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China unveils drone boasting efficient underwater and aerial operation

Chinese researchers are certainly on a roll in their development of breakthrough drone technology. Following a flurry of earlier innovations, experts in China have now unveiled a new drone that can reportedly attain similar underwater and aerial performance levels.

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The drones of tomorrow? Yesterday’s wrecks

If you’re confused by the question posed in the photograph, you’re in good company. When Armenian defense forces took aim at an Azerbaijani missile last fall, they may have thought they’d targeted a modern weapon. It tuned out to be an old Soviet crop duster converted into a military drone.

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