North Korea Stories October 16, 2019

South Korea plans to use thermal imaging drones and swine assassins to hunt down and kill disease-ridden North Korean pigs that venture over the border. According to a report from the South China Morning Post, the South Korean Ministry of Agriculture announced on Sunday that the government plans to stop the influx of North Korean pigs that carry African swine fever from entering the country.

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North Korea Stories February 8, 2018

Organizing the Winter Olympics is a massive undertaking in itself and one part that has become increasingly important, and more difficult, is to make sure that the event will take place without any threats to the safety and security of the athletes and spectators. Nowadays, the possible threats include attacks by drones. We have seen before, that drones have been used to drop bombs, distribute propaganda during sporting events and deliver contraband to prisons. To be concerned about drones being used to disrupt the Winter Olympics, unfortunately, is a very real possibility.

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North Korea Stories December 12, 2017

Different news sources have reported that South Korea is planning to create an army of armed drones to defend itself against a possible attack from its neighbor North Korea. The South Korean news agency Yonhap reported, “Next year we will launch a combat unit with unmanned aircraft, which will serve to change the rules of the game in the wars,” citing a South Korean military official who requested anonymity.

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