ARMY Stories June 30, 2018

With drones inevitably becoming more common on the battlefield, instructors at Fort Benning, Georgia have started a new school to give soldiers the knowledge on unmanned vehicles. As reported by Matthew Cox from, students of this new school will learn how to fly drones and how to deal with them in combat.

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ARMY Stories December 12, 2017

Different news sources have reported that South Korea is planning to create an army of armed drones to defend itself against a possible attack from its neighbor North Korea. The South Korean news agency Yonhap reported, “Next year we will launch a combat unit with unmanned aircraft, which will serve to change the rules of the game in the wars,” citing a South Korean military official who requested anonymity.

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ARMY Stories October 4, 2017

As of October 2nd, DJI released a new update and followed through on its recent promise to offer an offline mode. This new feature allows pilots using the CrystalSky monitoring tablets or select Android devices to fly with enhanced privacy during ‘sensitive’ operations. DJI hopes that the launch of the “Local Data Mode” will bring back confidence in its products among certain enterprise and government customers after the U.S. Army decided in August to discontinue the use of DJI drones for its operations because of an “an increased awareness of cyber vulnerabilities with DJI products,” according to an internal memo obtained by sUAS News. Apparently, DJI had been working on this release for months but after the announcement of the U.S. Army to stop using DJI drone, DJI had sped up that effort.

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