Stranded couple located with a drone in Weber County, Utah

Stranded couple drone Utah

Last week, a couple stranded on the side of a canyon was saved with the help of a drone equipped with a zoom camera. Utah’s Weber County Sheriff’s Office deployed the drone just minutes after arriving on the scene, cutting down the search time.

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Reuben Wu turns to drones to create epic photos in latest series

Jack of all trades Reuben Wu has released his latest series, Light Storm, which incorporates a drone to create ghostly lights and illuminate the eroding Utah landscape. Wu has created the photos for the clothing brand Vollebak.

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Drone Integration and Zoning Act aims to transfer authority to local governments

The Drone Integration and Zoning Act, introduced by Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) on Wednesday, aims to transfer authority over low-flying drones to local governments such as states, cities, and Native American tribes instead of the federal government.

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Drone impersonating Kaysville Police prompts public warning

The police of Kaysville, Utah are investigating reports of a drone approaching people and impersonating Kaysville Police. As the unmanned aircraft approaches people it barks orders.