Birds Stories August 12

One of the peskiest birds in the suburbs of Perth, Australia, is the Corella. They rip up irrigation systems, cables, and destroys trees, but can drones scare them off? Perth doctor Jean-Paul Orsini thinks they could be a possible solution to the problem.

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Birds Stories March 3, 2018

The pilot of a small single-propeller airplane stays calm after a bird crashes through its windshield, sending large pieces of broken plexiglass flying through the cockpit. If you watch the slow-motion (video below) carefully you can actually see the pilot’s glasses flying through the air. The pilot remains very calm even though he seems injured and continues to land the aircraft safely.

You cannot help but wonder what would have happened if a drone had hit the airplane instead.

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Birds Stories December 2, 2017

This week a new research report has been released by a team from the Alliance for System Safety of UAS through Research Excellence (ASSURE) that concludes that drones colliding with large manned aircraft will likely cause more structural damage than birds with the same weight for a given impact speed.

Whereas birds have a soft mass and tissue, drones are made of harder materials and contain more compact mass, such as batteries and motors, which are likely to cause more damage during a collision with a manned airplane.

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