DJI FPV Racing Drone Stories July 28

Electrical engineer Cory found that the stress of the quarantine could be kept at bay with more Nerf battles with his kids. What the kids hadn’t counted on was Dad’s intention to mount a Nerf gun on a FPV drone.

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DJI FPV Racing Drone Stories August 13, 2020

Well, well, well. About a week after a photo of what could be a DJI FPV racing drone was leaked, there’s further indications that DJI has something up its sleeve in Shenzhen. The latest version of the Android “Fly” app has some new, not obviously visible commands that seem to line up with speculation that DJI might be adding a drone to its FPV Camera/Googles ensemble.

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DJI FPV Racing Drone Stories July 7, 2020

Two patents from DJI have publicly been released today regards to what looks to be a bi-copter and a new drone frame, possibly for an FPV or racing style drone. The drawings show what looks to be a rectangular shaped bi-copter and a triangular drone frame.

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DJI FPV Racing Drone Stories July 2, 2020

Rumors have spread that DJI is working on an FPV racing drone. Let us take a look at a drawing of the possible drone and a patent filed by DJI. Is DJI working a new drone that will change the FPV world forever, like they’ve done with the Phantom and Mavic series?

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DJI FPV Racing Drone Stories March 6, 2020

FPV drones have been on the rise the past few years, and there are more instances than ever before where these drones are being used for commercial work. With advancements in tech happening so quickly, how does DJI’s Digital FPV stand up against the typical analog video transmission?

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DJI FPV Racing Drone Stories November 27, 2019

The new DJI digital FPV system is an absolute game-changer for anyone interested in drone racing or flying acro. The crystal-clear video is light years better than the absolute best analog system on the market. But is it worth the hefty price tag? The DJI Black Friday Sale just dropped the prices on their goggle kits by $130.

While the DJI Digital FPV Fly More package still isn’t cheap, starting at $779, it is a significant savings from the original $929. Should you invest in DJI or should you stick with analog? What about people looking to break into the FPV hobby? Should they consider DJI? expand full story

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