Drone crash Stories November 20, 2018

A droneĀ and a dirt biker crash midair during a massive jump. The motorcyclist suffered an injury to his shoulder after colliding with the drone. Brinnick Presley, 22, was performing a ‘routine’ jump on his dirt bike while his friend was recording the event with a GoPro Karma drone.

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Drone crash Stories June 22, 2018

A man, by the name of Ben, was trying to shoot some footage of an Alaskan river filled with Salmon, but unfortunately, he crashes his DJI Mavic Pro drone into the river. Ben is able to recover the drone after it had been submerged in the fast-flowing water for a few minutes. All of the video footage, except the last clip when he crashed the drone, is saved. However, the most important question is, will the drone ever fly again after having been fully submerged in the water?

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DJI Mavic Pro

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