Drone Harmony iOS app is finally here

drone harmony ios

Drone mission planning platform Drone Harmony has finally released an iOS app. You can now execute flights planned in the Drone Harmony software platform on iPhones and iPads running iOS 14.0 or later.

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Drone Harmony, FlyNex join forces to automate asset inspections, data analysis

Drone mission planning platform Drone Harmony is having a very exciting 2022 thus far. Last month, the Switzerland-based company announced it had raised $1.6 million for product innovation. And today, we are hearing about an exciting new partnership with FlyNex, a German software integration platform, resulting in a one-stop drone data solution for energy and construction companies.

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Drone Harmony raises $1.6M to accelerate autonomous drone flight planning

Switzerland-based drone mission planning platform Drone Harmony has raised $1.6 million to fast-track innovation in its full-3D flight planning products and stake out strategic partnerships with drone and infrastructure digitalization companies.

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