Rescue Stories June 10

That terrifying sinkhole that suddenly opened up in Mexico last week is still growing. And the sinkhole trapped two dogs in its depths.

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Rescue Stories April 4

It may lack the thrill of Pamela Anderson in a red maillot. But police in California think they can stage a water rescue without getting their hair mussed; just let drones be the lifeguards.

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Rescue Stories January 6

The Ontario Provincial Police released drone video of a dramatic rescue after two fishermen fell through the ice on a lake near Ottawa, Ontario, last week.

The two-minute video appears to show one man pulled from the icy water just in time.

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Rescue Stories February 26, 2018

A police drone outfitted with an infrared camera, helps locate the unconscious victim of a car crash freezing to death with hypothermia in a six-feet deep ditch in the middle of the night. The drone was sent into action after the victim was seen walking away from a car accident on the A16 near Ludborough south of Grimsby, Lincolnshire, where a car had flipped onto its side. Within minutes of the DJI Inspire drone taking off, the man was located.

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Rescue Stories January 18, 2018

Today two teenagers got in distress when they were swimming in rough seas off the shore of Lennox Head in New South Wales, Australia. The lifeguards on duty did not waste any time and deployed the Little Ripper rescue drone to fly out to the swimmers and drop a flotation device. The two boys were able to grab the device, hold on to it and swim safely back to shore where they were met by lifeguards and only appeared to show signs of fatigue.

According to Ben Franklin, parliamentary secretary for Northern New South Wales, the whole event took 70 seconds instead of the 6 minutes it normally takes a lifeguard to reach people in need.

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Rescue Stories January 16, 2018

On Friday afternoon an 86-year-old hunter from Hohestadt (Würzburg) in Germany goes back into the forest to check on a feeding place. He does not come back.

At around 8 pm that evening his wife gets worried and alerts the local fire department, which in turn informs the police. Soon after the hunter’s car is found but no sign of the man himself. More rescue workers are asked to help and before long ten search dogs, 30 firefighters, several policemen, and rescue workers of the Bavarian Red Cross and the Johanniter-Unfallhilfe are all looking for the missing hunter.

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