Survey Stories March 24

Aerial mapper and surveyor Michael Jones is fighting the North Carolina surveying board after it said he was operating without a license – something Jones said isn’t needed as he wasn’t marking property lines in his aerial photos with legal accuracy.

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Survey Stories March 11

Estonian Railways brought in Hepta Airborne to digitize its railway assets and see the benefits drones could bring to the table, or, in this case, the track. The two companies have been trialing the technology’s use over the past few months to see if it adds enough value.

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Survey Stories September 29, 2020

We’ve become so accustomed to DJI teasing its new product releases that we jump whenever we see a DJI graphic. If it’s something that looks like it could possibly be related to a new product, it immediately grabs our attention. And that’s the case again now.

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Survey Stories August 12, 2020

SPH Engineering a software developer for the UgCS app has partnered with the app’s creator Eye4Software to advance bathymetric and hydrological surveying. The system would allow drone operators to capture contour maps, depth maps, and 3D models.

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Survey Stories August 7, 2020

Amy Steiger is a drone operator for mining company Cardno who has been using drones to improve the efficiency and safety of their surveys over the last five or so years. Steiger spoke to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s (CASA) Flight Safety magazine.

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Survey Stories October 24, 2017

It may come as a surprise for such a new technology but apparently, in The United Kingdom, it is not the youngsters who are the biggest group of drone fliers. No, the biggest group of drone enthusiasts in the UK is “Males of 55 years and older”.

According to a Drone Usage Report, research done by online drone retailer Drones Direct, the single largest age group of drone owners, is the group older than 55. This group represents 31% of all the drone owners, whereas the “Youngsters” group (18-24 years old) only represents 10%.

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