Anduril Industries acquires drone manufacturer Area-I

Anduril Industries drone Area-I

Defense company Anduril Industries has announced it has acquired drone manufacturer Area-I, expanding its hardware portfolio. The move will create new opportunities for the company for its software-defined capabilities such as mission autonomy and intelligent teaming.

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Anduril moves HQ to the old 432,000-square-foot ‘LA Times’ press room

Defense drone company Anduril has announced it will be moving its headquarters to the old LA Times press room, taking up all 432,000 square feet of it. The building will support a new research and development center and just under 2,500 employees.

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Anduril launches Ghost 4, an American-made AI-powered drone

Anduril has just launched its Ghost 4 AI-powered drone with a flight time of over 100 minutes and the ability to be set up in just 60 seconds. Ghost 4 uses the company’s Lattice AI core allowing it to autonomously detect, classify, and track objects of interest in low-bandwidth or congested environments.

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