Best drones under $1,000 to buy for news photography in 2021

best drones under $1,000

Drones have become an essential storytelling tool for news organizations, freelance reporters, and citizen journalists across the globe. Many people make money by selling drone footage to local news channels and stock content aggregators. But which drone can you buy for less than $1,000 to get the best newsworthy photos and videos?

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(UPDATE: Sale, giveaway) The best drones to put under the Christmas tree this year

We have now hit November, which means Black Friday is approaching, and there are less than 60 days until Christmas. So, it’s time to start gift shopping. Here are a few of the best drones to put under the tree this year for the tech junkie in your life or yourself.

UPDATE: DJI’s holiday sale is currently active with some pretty great deals on some of its latest drones. You can learn more about it here. Here at DroneDJ, we are giving away a brand new DJI Mavic Mini drone to one lucky winner in North America. You can enter here.

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The FPV starter kit – A beginner friendly drone

FPV drones seem to move and fly in very different ways than DJI drones, making them different tools for drone applications. The FPV starter kit is a guide to help you get started with FPV drones before investing hundreds or thousands of dollars in them.

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Christmas drone guide 2019 – the best drones for loved ones

Christmas is right around the corner, and that means the drone lover in your life is hoping to get a new drone or an accessory to take their drone to the next level. No matter what the situation is, there is a drone on the buying guide for the drone lover in your life. Jump in and take a look.

Still, looking to buy a drone for yourself or someone you know for Christmas? Check out our updated 2020 guide.

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Christmas holiday drone buying guide

What you need to know before you buy a drone.

So you are thinking of buying a drone for yourself, a friend or a family member this Christmas? Well, you are not alone. Recent numbers from the U.K. suggest that over one million drones may be sold in England this Holiday season, almost doubling the number of unmanned aerial vehicles in that country.

So, where to start? Right here. DroneDJ has put together a comprehensive list of things to keep in mind when buying a drone. This will help you make the right purchase so that the person receiving the drone will get the right drone for him or her and will get the most enjoyment out of it.

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