Dronebase Stories June 19, 2020

DroneBase has announced it has raised $7.5 million in Series C funding and will be expanding its drone services into Europe with DroneBase Europe located in Germany. The move will see its services in the renewable energy market coming to Europe in the form of its new platform, DroneBase Insights for Wind and Solar.

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Dronebase Stories May 1, 2020

Economies around the world are imploding due to the shut-down of businesses in the COVID-19 era. But even in downtimes, there are winners—companies that provide the right products or services for the needs at hand. In the era of social distancing, drones are emerging as a no-contact solution for many jobs. expand full story

Dronebase Stories May 31, 2018

Co-founder and former chief technology officer of DroneBase, Eli Tamanaha, is joining PrecisionHawk as Vice President of Strategic Initiatives reporting directly to CEO Michael Chasen. An interesting move for sure and one that the company says “underscores PrecisionHawk’s position as the vanguard of aerial intelligence that drives operational insights and as a drone industry pioneer.”

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Dronebase Stories April 24, 2018

Right outside of Agadez, Niger, in the scrublands of the Sahara, the U.S. airforce is building a massive 2,200-acre drone base, costing $110 million and making it the largest troop largest troop labor construction project in U.S. history, according to the Associated Press. The base should be completed in the next couple of month but as you can imagine, building an airfield in the desert tends to be very complicated. The project already is over $22 million budget and delayed by one year. The new drone base will be used to target extremists deep into West and North Africa, regions that are currently hard to reach with drones.

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