Spot robotic dog lands on US FCC commissioner’s ‘banned’ wish list

spot robot dog ban fcc brendan carr

After calling for new restrictions on DJI drone sales in the US, Brendan Carr, a senior Republican commissioner at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), now wants to ban Spot – the robotic dog developed by Boston Dynamics. His argument? “I’ve seen Terminator, I’ve seen I, Robot. I know how this ends.”

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FCC study suggests 5GHz band to be used by drones

A study undertaken by the FCC to look at what frequency bands drone operations should run on has suggested 5GHz as the magic number. The study was handed over to Congress with the hopes of a rule change to allow the 5030-5091MHz to be used.

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Drone wireless/autonomous charging coming to US via WiBotic

WiBotic has just announced that it has received FCC approval for its drone wireless charging tech providing up to 300 watts of power to equipped devices. The approval is the first of its kind, allowing mobile robots and drones to be charged wirelessly.

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