San Francisco Stories September 10, 2018

Last Saturday, during a drone inspection of a cracked window of the sinking Millennium Tower in San Francisco, the aircraft suddenly fell out of the sky. Apparently, the unmanned aircraft system (UAS) had lost its GPS connection and drifted across the street into another building before it came crashing down. It almost hit pedestrians who were walking on the sidewalk below. It is unconfirmed what kind of drone was involved but the footage seems to show a DJI Phantom series UAS.

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San Francisco Stories October 29, 2017

SFGate reported, that yesterday a second DJI store opened in San Francisco at the Westfield mall. The store looks more like a kiosk-type setup but DJI spokesman Micheal Oldenburg said it is a permanent setup and not just a temporary set-up in time to cash in on the holiday shopping season.

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