Port of Antwerp uses drones to keep docks free of floating waste

port antwerp drones waste

About 50 tons of floating debris – plastics, wood, cardboard, organic material, mooring lines – are collected every year from the docks in Belgium’s port of Antwerp. Not only does this waste pollute the waters, but it also has an impact on biodiversity and can cause damage to ships. This is why port authorities are now turning to drones to detect and clean up the debris as soon as possible.

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Belgium to use drones for high-precision nuclear radiation monitoring

Belgium wants to use drones to study areas for potential radioactive contamination and to monitor nuclear radiation during crises without any human intervention.

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Brussels Airport conducts 5G drone flight and detection test

At the end of last month and the beginning of this month, Brussels Airport partnered with Skeyes to test the use of drones around the airport to increase the safety, security, and efficiency of operations. The two also tested a drone detection system that will keep it safe from rogue drones entering the airspace.

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